Monday, February 26, 2024

Custom Database and Services and more.....

If you have something already in mind, this will be easy as you just tell us which existing product has the similar framework that you'd like but missing the components that you'd like to see. We will work together and we will develop the solution for your needs. Of course, if there's an application that you can't find as your company is unique, we will develop the database to suite your needs. In all cases, if we do not already have the product, we will develop it from scratch.


As an example, we have worked with an Engineering company who needed a database to keep track of their projects and contacts and to be able to pull the pertinent reports from it. We were able to provide this Engineering company with a perfectly customized database that fulfilled their objectives and their budget. As you can see below, we took a draft and converted it to a final product.




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Your Data


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What we do

In a nutshell, we create solutions for your data needs.


In some cases you may find that "off-the-shelf" database application does not exactly fit your needs in order to meet your objectives. Either the product is missing features that you need or perhaps the product is too complex and you need a more simplified solution. Sometimes the product doesn't exist at all. This is where we come in and we can develop the application to suite your needs. Have a look at our products and services and also enjoy the free products that we offer.

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