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Stable 4.03

Released on:
Wednesday, 01 June 2011 00:00
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Student Information System Database is great for schools or programs where you need to keep records on students, classes, grades, teachers and more..

To Evaluate Product, please use the username of demo and the password is demo

Release notes

Custom DB 4.03 - What's New:
-Age on Student Main form shows full Age with Month and Day instead of just year
-Added Ethnicity field to Student record
-Add reporting and printing of Birthdays
-Improved Student List view for better printing and finding records on demographics
-Age on Teacher Main form shows full Age
-Improved Teacher List view for better printing and finding records
-Added more Sort capabilities to columns in Student List view
-Added more precise GPA values to report. Took it to 6 decimal value
-Display current school year on main forms for better outlook
-Display cUrrent year GPA Score on Current Year Report Card print out layout
-Added Year End closing maintenance script where the Grade Class Level is incremented by 1 year if the student's final current year GPA is of passing score which is configured in the Control Panel.

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