Monday, February 26, 2024

  1. Keep detailed records of practically all student information such as:
    • Name, address, admitted, withdrawal and graduation date
    • Picture of each student
    • Date of birth (Age is calculated automatically)
    • Emergency contact information
    • Parent information
    • More...
  2. Maintain records of attendance / sick days
  3. Student enrollment in classes
    • Grades and GPA in each enrolled class
    • Associated teacher for each class
  4. Class information
  5. Teacher information
  6. Reporting
    • Print report card for all students
    • Print class schedule for all students
    • Print transcript
    • List students based on current year GPA range
    • List students based on cumulative GPA range
    • Find students who have graduated / not graduated
  7. Easily set school settings
    • Datamine past and present data
    • Multiple user accounts with various security permissions
  8. Run as a standalone, self contained application or run it off the network

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