Monday, February 26, 2024

Below is our video tutorial on using the Student Information product. For best results, please view the video in sequential order so that you may fully understand the product. This is currently a work in progress so not videos will be available at this time but check back soon as more videos will be link when time permits. Below is what will be covered..


Once viewing the video on YouTube, make sure that you click on the youtubefullscrn to view it in full screen mode.


Table of Contents

  1. Installation
  2. Running Product for the first time
  3. Basic Usage
  4. Advance Usage
    • Grades and GPA , Review of what's been covered (8.11)
    • Duplicate / Conflict data
    • Printing Data and other student info
      • Print Student Profile
      • Viewing Class Roster
      • Print Class Roster for students main to their homes
      • Viewing Current Year Class schedule
      • View Report Card
      • Print Report Card to mail home
      • View Transcripts
      • Going to related records
    • Reporting
      • List Students admitted by date range
      • List Students that have graduated within date range
      • List Students with Cumulative GPA range
      • List Students with Current Year GPA range
      • List Students who have not graduated
      • List Students Attendance
  5. Administration
    • Backup and Restore
    • Accounts and passwords
      • Account Permissions
    • Upgrading to a new version
      • Exporting and Importing
  6. Registration or Software Activation after Purchasing (after you are satisfied with the trial version) / User Account Roles and Tiered privileges
  7. Conclusion
    • Summary of features
    • Other features
    • Contact



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